Weight of the World poster design

You are staring to the endless void alone. Weight of the World is the only thing that rests on your shoulders. There’s nothing more you can do than puke every last drop of your soul to the vast emptiness that surrounds you.

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Design: Weight of the World
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm / 19.68 x 27.56 in
Material: Printed on high-quality matte poster paper. We use matte paper because it reflects less light than a glossy poster paper that is typically used on design prints.
Catalog number: All posters are individually marked e.g. 01-30-1. The first number is your design number, the second number is how many posters there are in total and the last number is the batch number. Number one [1] means it’s the first batch of its design, number two [2] is the second batch of its design and so on.
StampEvery design has a Monte Video corp. stamp at the back of the design. If it does NOT have the stamp it’s FAKE.


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