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Roni – Dream Marketing Manager

Contact & feedback:
Phone: +358 50 433 1014

Roni is a free spirit; he can appear as somewhat of an introvert but he also enjoys the company of other people. He is often involved in various activities with his family. And whenever you need help, Roni is there to assist. He is someone you can rely on. Roni is also someone who thinks about things rather deeply although it may not always appear to be so. He is in fact interested in psychology, even to the extent that he has considered studying it.
Roni loves gaming; he could not live without CS. Music is also a big part of his life, and he and Tony actually met through music. Roni’s choice of food is definitely junk food, especially from the renowned Finnish brand Hesburger. What people should also know about Roni is that he drives extremely well, making even Ryan Gosling wish he could drive as well as Roni.

Personal questions

What would be your last meal if you could choose?
– That really doesn’t matter as long as it makes a huge mess after coming out of my body when I’ve died.
What’s nostalgic in 20 years’ time?
– Touch screen phones, traditional sports and minced meat.
If you got arrested and your friends and family didn’t know why, what would they think you’ve done?
– Caused public mayhem.
If you had a pet parrot, what would you teach it to say?
– The entire text from the new testament.
What’s your favorite mushroom?
– A mushroom cloud.