man wearing a suede jacket in the middle of neon lights

Tony – Dream Producer

Contact & feedback:
Phone: +358 44 089 2012

Tony is a driven person, even to the point of being completely fixated by whatever has captivated his attention. Tony is very ambitious and determined, and he is unwilling to give up although he may need some encouragement from the people around him from time to time. He is constantly creating something new, whether it’s music, videos or designs.
Tony loves music in all of its forms: listening to as well as playing and creating it. That is his number one priority in life. He also enjoys food (wings are an absolute must) as well as playing computer and video games. Animals, especially dogs, mean the world to him.

Personal questions

What would you consider a wasted life?
– To not pursue your own dreams. Monte Video corp. is one of my biggest dreams and it’s actually driving me towards a financial and mental bankruptcy at the moment.
What would be your last words?
– I’m going to make myself an offer I can’t refuse.
If you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?
– Did you just assume my gender?
What kind of sport would be the most fun to do completely wasted?
– Formula 1.
What’s your favorite search engine?
– The Finnish postal services aka Posti.