The Valedictorians

It was year 20XX. Toto’s Africa was playing from my record player. I was alone in my house playing Castlevania Bloodlines when suddenly the CRT television started to glitch. Something began to slowly materialize on the screen. It was an otherworldly vision. I took a photo of the TV screen and tried to replicate the vision. It’s now known as the design called Annie. Since then I have been waiting for the television to glitch again.
–Tony, 2019
man wearing a suede jacket in the middle of neon lights

Tony – Dream Producer

Tony Vesalainen is a digital art producer from Turku, Finland. He is the artist behind Monte Video corp.’s designs.
In 2018, Tony found out about vaporwave and was blown away by the nostalgia, satire and criticism behind vaporwave aesthetics. He decided to start designing vaporwave-inspired digital art and so Monte Video corp. was born.

Contact & feedback:
Phone: +358 44 089 2012

man wearin white and purple shirt

Roni – Dream Marketing Manager

Roni Huovinen is the new addition to Monte Video corp.’s team. Tony introduced the brand’s vaporwave-inspired style to Roni after discovering vaporwave aesthetics. Roni is responsible for Monte Video corp.’s marketing and general affairs.

Contact & feedback:
Phone: +358 50 433 1014



Bonnie is the latest addition to Monte Video corp.’s team. She loves to eat butter popcorn and wander around graveyards gathering human bones. Bonnie’s guilty pleasure is window shopping. Her deepest wish is to get all eyes on her and be just like the mannequins in luxury clothing stores. She considers Monte Video corp. the perfect stepping stone in reaching that dream. She runs errands and also makes disturbing phone calls to NASA although she has been told not to do so.

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